The Catholic University of America

Office of Housing Services Staff

To contact our staff please e-mail or call (202) 319-5615 and your inquiry will be directed appropriately.



Timothy Carney

Executive Director, Housing Services



Associate Director, Occupancy & Marketing




Joseph Duncan

Assistant Director, Auxiliary Operations




Jessica Bediako

Assistant Director, Assignments & Off-Campus Housing Services


 Hunter Haddad

Student Operations Coordinator (grad position)


Lisa Whibley

Administrative Assistant






Maximus Ebert

Michael Matkovic

Michael Principato

Operations Crew (student positions)




Off-Campus Housing Coordinator (grad position)







Kristina Pinault 

Office Assistant (student position)


 Victoria Smith

Office Assistant (student position)







 Frank Gaetani

Office Assistant (student position)



 Hana O'Neill 

Office Assistant (student position)