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Living on campus is about more than your room — it is about being a part of a dynamic campus community. A Residence Life program that guides the formation of community and personal development is active in on-campus housing. Housing Services works diligently to address and meet resident needs through caring, student-focused processes. The success of these combined efforts is evidenced by the high demand for on-campus housing and the desire of students to return to on-campus living.


Housing Options

On-campus housing offers a variety of residence hall options ranging from the traditional (a shared double or triple room with a shared bathroom down the hall) to suites (multiple rooms sharing a bathroom) and apartments. Undergraduate students at Catholic University live in single sex residence halls. Coupled with programs directed toward student’s personal, spiritual, and moral development, single sex housing fosters an environment of virtuous living consistent with the Catholic intellectual tradition. With a variety of residential buildings available, on-campus living can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience during your entire academic career at Catholic University.

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Who is eligible to live on campus?

The university policy on housing eligibility is available here. Generally, in order to live in on-campus housing, individuals must be current undergraduate, Catholic Universitydegree-seeking students who have full-time undergraduate enrollment with the university. University standards for full-time status are outlined in the Academic Announcements publications. A student whose course load falls below full-time status should petition Housing Services for permission to remain a residential student. Exceptions may be granted on a space-available basis.


Are freshmen and sophomores required to live on campus?

Yes; Catholic University strongly believes in the benefits that on-campus living has to offer to our first- and second-year students in terms of academic success, personal development and involvement within the Catholic University campus community. As such, Catholic University requires all freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students to live in on-campus housing. Please refer to the Student Housing Policy on the University Policy page.


Are juniors and seniors guaranteed on-campus housing?

As set forth in the Student Housing Policy, the university requires all freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students to live in campus housing. Housing Services recognizes upperclass students review various on and off-campus housing options for their junior and senior years. Unfortunately the university is unable to guarantee housing for juniors and seniors; however, each year Housing Services reviews the demand for campus housing and initiates plans accordingly. During the spring semester, a lottery is conducted where interested junior and senior students may select housing from available rooms for the next academic year. Housing Services also offers guidance to upperclass students seeking off-campus residence. Please refer to the Student Housing Policy on the University Policy page.


Is housing available for graduate, law, and non-traditional students?

Per the University Student Housing Policy: On-campus housing generally is not available for graduate, law, or non-traditional students, but may be provided on a case-by-case basis upon subject to the availability of suitable housing as determined by the University. Non-traditional student status is defined in the University's Student Housing PolicyThe Office of Housing Services also offers guidance and support to graduate, law, and non-traditional students seeking off-campus residence. For more information please visit the Student Housing Policy on the University Policy webpage.


Is there regiously affliated housing available on-campus?

A small number of spaces are available for Priests and those in the Canon Law program affliated with a Diocese. Spaces are available on a year-to-year basis and preference is given to students who can commit to a full year (12-months) from August to July. More information and the application for this is available here. Students are considered on a first-come, first serve basis following an interview process.


What is the standard furniture in student rooms?

A standard room contains a bed (all beds are extra-long twin size), desk, desk chair, dresser, and wardrobe or closet, and one ethernet connection per person. One cable connection is provided per bedroom except in the Millenniums where it is one cable connection per suite or apartment. A bed is 30" high, so that storage containers, including most dressers, may be stored under the bed. Apartments may have additional furniture for use in the shared space, as appropriate. University-issued furniture that is assigned to a resident’s room must remain in the room, regardless of the other furniture a resident may add to the room. In addition, common area furniture may not be moved to or kept in individual student rooms, so that all residents may utilize the common areas.

Broken or damaged furniture should remain in the room until a Housing Services staff member has identified the problem and either repaired or replaced the item. Requests for repairs to furniture or to the televisions and game tables located in lounges can be submitted via an online form, via email at, or by phone to (202) 319-5615. When sending repair requests, it is important to provide detailed information so the responding staff member is fully prepared to address the problem. Based on the nature of the request, a staff member will generally respond within a few business days.