The Catholic University of America

Waitlist Information

The University requires all freshman and sophomore students to live in campus housing. As is the case on most residential campuses, on-campus housing for junior and senior students is not automatically guaranteed. However, each year Housing Services reviews the demand for campus housing and initiates plans accordingly. Waitlists are available for students who did not participate in the Room Selection process. Housing Services also offers upperclass students assistance with the off-campus housing search.

More information is available in the Student Housing Policy on the University Policy page.


Housing Deposit

The $500 Housing Deposit must be submitted in order for the Waitlist Application to become available in MyHousing. The Housing Deposit will be applied towards a student's Fall semester housing charges.

There are three options for payment of the Housing Deposit. 
Payment Location Payment Method Time to Post to Student Account^ Availability
Online (CardinalPAY)* E-check** or Credit Card♦ Immediately Anytime
Cashier's Office (Leahy Hall) Cash

1-2 Business Days

Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Enrollment Services (McMahon Hall) Paper Check~ 1-2 Business Days Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
^Access to the Waitlist Application is granted once payment is posted to a student's account
*Select Housing Deposit payment (ignore "unavailable"), not tuition and fees
**Preferred method of payment; select Fall 2014 term for payment
♦Credit card payment carries a 2.75% convenience charge; select Fall 2014 term for payment
~Checks should be made payable to The Catholic University of America. Include the student's full-name and CUA ID number on the memo line of the check. The University does not accept postdated checks or starter checks.
CardinalPAY: Students can access CardinalPAY under the "Finances" section of their Student Center screen in Cardinal Station. A parent, guardian or other authorized payer can also submit payment on the student’s behalf via the CardinalPAY page on the Enrollment Services website. Payment via CardinalPay grants immediate access to the Waitlist Application in MyHousing. Cash or check payments may take 1-2 business days to post to a student’s account.

Refunds: The $500 Housing Deposit is generally non-refundable unless the student is not required to live in campus housing and does not accept an offered space. If a student that is not required to live on campus requests to withdraw from the waitlist prior to accepting a space, the request will be approved and the deposit refunded or reallocated to the student's account.

Cancellations: Requests to cancel housing will be reviewed according to the terms of the Residence Hall and Dining Services Agreement. Approved Housing Cancellation Requests may incur the $500 Housing Cancellation Fee per Section H of the Agreement. For cancellations made before Fall 2014 room charges are accrued, the $500 Housing Deposit will be applied to the $500 Housing Cancellation Fee. Entering an off-campus lease after requesting and receiving a campus housing assignment is not an accepted reason for cancellation of the Agreement. Students should review off-campus housing options before accepting a campus housing assignment.


Junior/Senior Waitlist

Eligibility: Participants in the Junior/Senior Lottery who did not select a space or eligible upperclass students who did not submit their deposit and Intent by the February 7, 2014 deadline are eligible for the Junior/Senior Waitlist. 

Priority: Participants in the Junior/Senior Lottery who did not select a space will be contacted at the conclusion of the Junior/Senior Lottery. If the student is interested in being placed on the Junior/Senior Waitlist, s/he will be prioritized at the top of the waitlist based on his/her lottery number. Students who did not submit their deposit and intent by the advertised deadline should submit a Waitlist Application by logging onto Cardinal Station using their Username and Password and navigating to Student Self-Service > Apply for Housing.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning Monday, February 10, 2014; they will be prioritized by date received after students who were issued a lottery number. Juniors and seniors who are on the Waitlist should keep in mind that first-year students and rising sophomores are required to live on-campus and may be assigned spaces before other students.

Assignments: Throughout the late spring and summer, assignments will be made on a space available basis. An assignment will be made using the preferences listed on the Waitlist Application. However, it is possible an assignment may not be available within those preferences. Since these students are not required to live on campus they will receive 3 business days in which to accept the offered space. If they do not accept the space offered, they will have the opportunity to receive a second offer when another space becomes available. If they decline or do not respond to the second offer, they will be removed from the Waitlist.

Curley Court Fall 2014 Only: During the 2014-2015 academic year, Curley Court will be available for the Fall semester only. This is a great opportunity for students who may be graduating in December 2014, studying abroad in Spring 2015, or those who are unsure of their academic plans or housing needs for spring 2015 and want the ability to cancel their spring housing without penalty. More information on these opportunities is available on the Curley Court Fall 2014 webpage.


Sophomore Waitlist

Since sophomore students are required to live in campus housing, sophomores should submit the $500 Housing Deposit and Room Selection Intent until the Sophomore Lottery is complete. After the Sophomore Lottery is complete, the Sophomore Waitlist will open.

Waitlist Eligibility: Students required to live on-campus are eligible for the Sophomore Waitlist after the Sophomore Lottery is complete. Participants in the Sophomore Lottery who do not select a space and students requried to live on campus who apply late for housing will either be assigned to available vacancies or placed on the waitlist if vacancies are not currently available. 

Priority: Students who submitted the deposit and intent prior to the lottery will receive the highest priority on the waitlist based on their lottery number. Students who have not yet submitted their intent and deposit should submit a Waitlist Application by logging onto Cardinal Station using their Username and Password and navigating to Student Self-Service > Apply for Housing.. These students will be prioritized by the date the Waitlist Application is received.

Assignments: Throughout the late spring and summer months, assignments will be made as spaces become available. Since these students are required to live on campus an assignment will be made in consideration of the preferences listed on the Waitlist Application. However, it is possible that an assignment may not be within those preferences.